Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Should I Do ? Someone Help Me [:

I have many besties , i want to tell you abt my 2 besties [:

My besties :
• Boy : A
• Girl : B

ɑ few days ago A told me that he love B , and he told me to keep his secret from everyone , and i promised him to keep his secret . He told me that he felt better when he saw B . And he told me many things abt them . And I felt very happy to heard it. [:

Before he went holiday he always texts B . And now he is on his holiday [: he can't text B :(

Day by day passed away , B called me . She told me that she love someone in my class . And she told me his name . I was so shocked . I'm speechless that time and i just can say " stay in love with him " she asked me why , i told her it's alright . Then the call ended .

Now I'm so confused . What should i do ? Should i tell A that B love him too ? :/ or just wait and do nothing ? :D

Joshua kent [:

1 comment:

  1. don't tell them..
    work as a motivator..
    love will make a way :p